Chicago Bears rookie quarterback Mitchell Trubisky tried on Wednesday to pump the brakes on the continued hysteria surrounding his preseason debut.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Trubisky said of Mitch Mania. “I don’t pay attention to it.”

For the most part, Danny Trevathan JerseysTrubisky said he successfully stayed in the bunker as Chicago reveled in his performance (18-of-25 for 166 yards and one touchdown) last Thursday at Soldier Field.“A couple more people texted me after the game -- family congratulating me,” Trubisky said. “I think it’s just a small step in the right direction. I’ve still got a lot of work to do. I was pleased with how I played, but plenty more mistakes are going on during practice for me that I need to work on and continue to improve in my game and make sure when I go out there that I’m doing my job to help other people do their job.

“I think it just showed me that I’m making progress, Walter Payton Jerseysthat I could go out there and lead and do my job like I wanted to show. But it was just a small sample. It was the first game, and you’ve just got to continue to be consistent in reproducing it. That’s why we’re out here working and practicing.”

Practice is where Trubisky can identify the majority of his flaws. Trubisky had no trouble with the vanilla scheme of Denver's second-string defense last week. But on the practice field, Trubisky often is shown looks he’s never seen before.

“[At practice], Kevin White JerseysI’ve been taking the wrong drop a couple times, Jordan Howard Jerseys[and I’m working on] getting the correct Mike [linebacker call] down so we have it blocked correctly,” Trubisky said. “[I’m working on] just being more efficient. The game was actually pretty clean; it’s more in practice.”

Saturday's game against the Cardinals is an even bigger test for Trubisky, who is expected to play sometime after the Bears pull starter Mike Glennon.

Arizona coach Bruce Arians won’t be bashful about showing stuff in the preseason. Alshon Jeffery JerseysDon’t be surprised to see the Cardinals go after Trubisky, who’s working on blitz recognition in practice but didn’t face much extra pressure in the Broncos game.


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